Vlogs in Higher Ed – 3 top tips

Using student vlogs to promote your University and engage with students.

There are almost 5 billion YouTube videos watched every day and over 300 hours of video uploaded per minute.  YouTube is home to lots of vloggers (video bloggers) who document their daily lives sharing advice on everything from beauty to tech.   Many of these vloggers have become mini celebrities making a healthy career from vlogging.  This makes YouTube a key channel for communications and marketing teams in Universities to connect with their intended audience using student vlogs (video blogs).

Kent Heckel Student Vlogs

Student Vloggers

Lately we have seen the rise of the student vlogger sharing advice about University life from everything to the application process to living on campus.  You may not have immediate access to your own  Zoe Suggs (12,083,302 subscribers) or Kent Heckel (28,177 subscribers), however, there are lots of easy and cost effective ways to cultivate your own community of vloggers.

3 top tips to get started with student vlogs

1. Run a competition for vlogs

It is a good idea to call out to your student community and encourage them to share their stories and experiences of University life.  You could offer some good prizes such as camera or video equipment and feature their vlogs on the University social media channels.

2. Produce a series of vlogs

In my experience, producing a series of vlogs around certain themes such as orientation, a day in the life of an engineering student, campus life or clubs and societies can work really well.  Also, try to collaborate with the student vloggers on creative briefs, content themes and plans.

3. Host a live Q&A session

You may already have some experienced vloggers at your institution who would be interested in hosting a session. Many of these vloggers will already be familiar with video live streaming apps such as Facebook Live, Periscope or Google Hangouts.   During a live stream your viewers can write comments and questions that display instantly on the screen.  This makes the session quite interactive and fun.

If you are running a live session for prospective students you could gather all their questions from across your social media channels.  Guest vloggers can then respond to these in the live Q&A.  Remember – its all live so be prepared!

Need some more inspiration? 

Have a look at these Universities who are working with student vloggers …

The University of Cambridge 

They seek out students who are vlogging about Cambridge and enlist them to create and produce new video content.   It’s this type of content that inspires a diverse range of students to apply to Cambridge.  Check out their latest vlogging recruits giving insider advice on whats its really like to study at Cambridge.


Bangor University

Watch their Get Ready for University student vloggers who share their experiences and offer advice on all aspects of preparing for life as a student and settling into your new life at university.


Bournemouth University

Have a dedicated microsite hosting a huge number of student vlogs, check out Ellie’s vlog below which is about all the things she would have told herself before starting a masters degree.



I hope you find these tips for working with student vloggers useful and are inspired by some of the great content already out there to start your own community.