Video: high impact in 5 seconds

Five, four, three…. and your video has been skipped in YouTube or scrolled away from the Facebook News Feed.

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of a “skippable” audience.

Image contains an example of a Facebook video Ad on mobile

What makes your customer stay and watch your video?

Since YouTube reduced the time of unskippable ads at the beginning of the videos to a six seconds bumper ad format early this year,  the percentage of ads viewed across the world has increased 2% in 2017 versus last year. Therefore, people worldwide are exposed to 97% of video advertisements on Youtube. This makes it very challenging for companies to create engaging content that customers are not willing to “un-skip.”

On the other hand, Facebook advertising revenue is estimated to generate 9.58 billion U.S. dollars in video ads by 2021, up from a 674 million U.S. dollars generated in 2015. And the overall global mobile video ad revenue is expected to grow from 6.13 billion U.S. dollars generated in 2015 to 29.04 billion by the end of 2021 according to Statista.

With those numbers in mind, marketers have to start considering or reconsider the quality of the content they are putting out there. In a world where our end users are spending more time watching videos because they have so much information all over social media. Videos make it easier and faster to get the information they want.

A single minute of video content is the equivalent of 1.8 million words. James McQuivey

As a result, there are some advantages of using videos as a way of online advertising:

  1. People prefer to watch a video rather than reading a text.
  2. Users are willing to share your video if its well-produced and gives valuable information.
  3. It is an excellent format for informing and educating that does well among mobile users.
  4. The conversion rate after watching a video advertisement for a product or service is higher.
  5. Lastly, customers are three times more likely to pay attention to these ads versus television ads.

So what is the key to grab and hold the attention of your audience in 5 or 6-second video?

Here are some tips and tricks that could help you be an unskippable master:

Bring the action!

Capture the attention of your audience fast, think outside the box and be bold to deliver a unique and fun message. And please remember that brand placement matters! A key point to keep in mind is that people are on social media to have fun and share experiences with their friends. Remember to subtly talk about your brand. If you are going to display your logo make sure it´s tied to your product,  or place it at the end of the video.

Build with sound off

Now, sound off or on is going to depend on the social media you are using. For Facebook, videos try and work with the sound off but remember to delight when the sound on. (For YouTube is preferable to use sound in the 6-second bump). Tell your story as visually as possible, use text and graphics and try captions. Remember that setting the right tone and background music will affect whether people stay or not to watch the complete video.

Frame it

It is imperative to keep in mind the video formats for the different platforms. For Facebook build vertical content to highlight the elements. Creating visual surprises makes people watch your video if you are taking more space on their screen.

Have smiling characters

If a person is going to be your spokesperson, try to look for someone that is relatable to your target audience. The critical element of this it to be authentic with the message you want to get across in your.

Finally, tell your story after the 5-second 

As mobile usage is increasing all around the globe, shorter videos are meant to have on the go with simple messages. If your video is longer than that, then it should be planned as a lean-back video with an engaging message. Longer videos are especially relevant when you want to deliver a complex message.