Victoria’s Secret: A Lesson of Digital Marketing

Success of Victoria’s Secret

What is the first thought you get when thinking about Victoria’s Secret (VS) ?  Their lingerie, the Victoria’s Secret Angels or their annual fashion show?  Founded in 1977 in Ohio, VS has become the queen of lingerie with 1,177 shops worldwide and the market share of over 60%  of the entire market.  Furthermore, it has more than 28.6M fans on Facebook and 57.6M followers on Instagram. These are numbers that are impossible for its competitors to exceed.

It is unquestionable that their social media marketing strategy is successful, and it also helps VS to boost their sales.

Social Media and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The VS annual fashion show is the main key to their social media success. Each year during the first week of December, VS has been mentioned in hundreds of thousands of posts throughout various social media platforms with hashtags such as @VictoriasSecret, #VSFashionshow #VSFS17. It is the period where VS’s presence is the highest on social media , but the high engagement is not taken for granted by VS. They understand their main audiences -young women- and their demographic and interests, and based on this data VS share a variety of content on various platforms to promote the event:

  • Official Website: Countdown clock, Instagram posts from the Angels, and exclusive content about the show
  • Facebook: Fashion show content, photos, videos and behind-the-scenes posts
  • Twitter & Instagram: Fashion show content with topic related hashtags such as #VSFashionShow and #vsfs17

Besides brand generated content, VS understand the power of  influencers on social media. Therefore, they also let the influencers such as celebrities, models and beauty bloggers to engage on social media by using hashtags on their posts. VS also interacts with audiences on social media by providing information and suggestions on the platforms. Another important fact that VS also knows, is that the purchasing rate is very high during Christmas. Therefore, it is also the best period of the year to use the fashion show to generate high brand awareness and engagement on social media.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


VS has a very user-friendly website. Website navigation is quite simple and consumers can go to their destination with ease. Furthermore, the theme of the website changes with the events. For example, the theme for December is Christmas and many Christmas decorations are used in the videos on the homepage

The homepage of VS is also optimised. Each page of the site has a clear title, which allows audiences to search its various pages on  easily. Furthermore, although it is a merchandise website with many videos and images, the response time of each page is mainly below one second.

Email Marketing

Victoria’s Secret also tries to reach its clients actively with emails. Subscribers receive 2-3 emails from VS per week with coupons and information about upcoming products and events. VS tries to make their audiences feel special and exclusive.  The feeling of being special to the company makes the unsubscribe rate stay low.

Key takeaways

  • An effective social media post requires a huge amount of understanding the target audience, which includes their demography, interests and shopping behaviour.
  • An effective use of influencers can increase a company’s brand awareness.
  • Use multiple distribution channels to reach different groups of targets.