Vending machines VS traditional waiter

The vending machines are being in continuous change during the XX and XXI centuries.

vending machines

The consumers are used to this type of selling, hence, they do not need to get out of their comfort zone to adapt themselves to the machines updates. It makes their progress way easier.

From The Basics To The Complex Stuff

The vending machines arrived in England in 1980s with the drink and the tobacco machines.

For decades now, vending machines have served up an array of mundane and useful things.

In 2009 born in Italy Let’s Pizza. A vending machine that combines water, flour, tomato sauce, and fresh ingredients to make a pizza in less than three minutes. Besides, it includes windows so customers can watch the pizza as it is made.

The New Generation Vending Machines

Now the aim is to provide a delightful customer service using an algorithm filter and the social networks of the client. These tools will help to improve the brand engagement and to reward the consumers loyalty. Furthermore, this access will provide a massive resource of information to the sellers about their customers.

There are few examples on the market; Coca-Cola launch a prototype in New Zealand, Australia and the States; the app allows to buy the drink from the smartphone and pick it up on the vending machine, the machine includes a chatbot to personalize the experience. Moreover, Intel is working in the creation of vending machines with VICKI (the Viatouch Intelishelf Cognitive Kinetic Interactions) that allows the customers to log in themselves on the machine using their social networks or the fingerprints.

Summing up,  the trends on the smart machines point to:

  • Mobile payments
  • Link them to your social account
  • Record your history purchasing
  • Therefore, the machine will be able to give you an altered order according with your preferences

Isn’t a paradoxical fact? The development of the vending machines based on the “social” could finish with the “social factor” from the purchase.