Things Digital-Marketing Beginners Need to Know about Alt Tag

As a digital-marketing beginner, have you ever been asked to attach Alt Tags to your website images? Have you ever wondered that what is an Alt tag? How should I attach this thing to my image? And why, why, why do I need to attach Alt tags to the images?



This article will specify the answers addressing all these question marks, and it will give you a brief insight into the world of Alt tag.

hello my name is Alt text


What is Alt Tag?

Alt tag (alternative tag), also known as “Alt text”,”Alt attribute” and “Alt description”. It is an attribute that used in the HTML code to describe the appearance and functionality of an Image. The blue box below shows what an Alt tag code looks like.


<img src=”pupdanceparty.gif” alt=”Puppies dancing”>


Why is Alt text important to digital-marketing beginners?
  • Better user’s experience

When your website image cannot be displayed, Alt text will appear in the image container to facilitate the visitors to understand what is this image about. Furthermore, visually challenged users can also benefit from the Alt tag through the screen reader.

Here is an example of how can Alt text help to improve the user’s’ experience. Let’s assume that you are visiting a crisps company homepage, and one of the crisps image does not show on the website, however, you can still know that what is this image about by reading the Alt text -”salt and vinegar flavour,1.5 ounces, large single serve bags” in the image container (see sample image below).

sample broken image with alt text


  • SEO Benefits

A well-written Alt text helps search engines to identify the content of a page. It enhances the accessibility of your website and your search engine ranking which allow you to gain more traffics.

*NOTE: Ensure your Alt text relatively short and specific. However, it is not necessary to include all your keywords in the Alt tag, as it may be perceived as spam. Below are two examples of good Alt tags.

sad spongebob yelling


OKAY Alt text: <img src=”cartoon.png” alt=”Spongebob“>

GOOD Alt text: <img src=”cartoon.png” alt=”Sad spongebob yelling “>


man carry crossbody bag riding bicycle


 OKAY Alt text: <img src=”bicycle.png” alt=”bicycle“>

GOOD Alt text: <img src=”bicycle.png” alt=” man wearing red crossbody bag riding bicycle