Survival of Ballet in the Digital Environment

The rule of nature comes to mind; “Survival of the fittest!” 

The key is to adapt the new environment! 

How come an art based on physical-being can survive in an environment where nothing is physical? 

World leading performing art companies are aware of the threat! They are trying to adapt the digital environment in many ways. I will address this issue by focusing on “ballet” in specific.

Ballet Digital Environment
Swan Lake Ballet Odette

As many people started to interact with each other on social media channels, existence on social media became more important to reach audiences. Luckily, ballet companies were aware of that. Most of the ballet companies created social media profiles in order to reach their audiences. The ability to share videos made YouTube the main channel for them in the first place.


The dilemma about the recorded videos is that, audiences expect simultaneous interaction. Watching dancers simultaneously doing the hard moves creates the value of ballet. Considering that, it can be said that recorded videos would not give the same taste as watching a live performance.

Ballet companies took some actions to prevent their art from extinction by expanding their existence from the opera houses to the digital environment. They started to target customers through digital channels by using digital marketing strategies.

Live Performance on Cinema

Ballet companies came up with an idea of live performance on cinema to eliminate the interaction problem caused by the recorded video. They broadcast live performances through digital channels along with the cinema halls. Since ticket is required to watch the performances,  it poses as an alternative financial source for them.

Another way of view is through audiences, people all over the world can watch the phenomenon principles just by going to the cinema halls or through online channels.

It can also be considered as a digital marketing strategy in as it creates “brand awareness” for ballet companies as it targets the people from all over the world.

World Ballet Day

World’s leading ballet companies introduced World Ballet Day. The first ballet day took place on October 2014. The aim of the world ballet day is to create a digital culture around ballet. The participants at 2014 was;

The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and San Francisco Ballet.

All those companies separately broadcasted a day long live-stream video. The content of those videos are a day in ballet company.The day starts with the morning ballet class, followed by rehearsals and even performances.


Another social channel Ballet Companies used target more audiences is Instagram. They put an effort to make their principle dancers also Instagram influencers. The influencers share live videos of their rehearsals in a daily basis. In addition to that, they announce the upcoming performances through their profiles.

Will Ballet Survive in the Digital Environment?

I believe they will. 

Digital environment helped ballet to reach more people than it ever could. The companies did not ignore the fact that change was required in order to survive. Ballet will survive if it keeps adapting the changing world!


Ballet Digital Environment