RewardStyle Rewards Fashion Bloggers

So, you’re a fashion influencer and you’re looking to monetize your posts? RewardStyle has an app for you!

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How did RewardStyle start?

RewardStyle, a startup company based in Dallas, created the ‘Like To Know It’ app. The app, launched in 2017, helps fashion influencers make money from their content on Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. 

Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box, a husband and wife team, started the business in 2011 to help Amber monetize her own fashion blog. Since then, RewardStyle has generated $1 billion in sales to retail partners, to date. Amber has since been named one of Forbes‘ Top 30 Under 30 for Retail and eCommerce.

How does RewardStyle’s app work?

Bloggers upload their photos to the app along with links to the items on retail websites. Then, they include a ‘Like To Know It’ link under their Instagram photo. They can also put a ‘Like To Know It’ logo on Snapchat or Pinterest. 

Users download the ‘Like To Know It’ app to their iPhones. When they see a photo with the link or logo, they can take a screenshot or “like” the photo. Within seconds, a notification pops up telling the user the photo is available in the app. The app gives the user all of the product details with links showing where to buy the items. Users can also opt to receive the details by email.

Not only does the app collect screenshots, it allows users to follow their favorite fashion influencers’ feeds directly from the app and ‘Like To Know It’ suggests additional bloggers they might like. In addition to clothing, the app allows influencers to promote beauty products and home décor items.

Monetizing  content using the app is easier because bloggers do not have to contact retailers. RewardStyle makes agreements for their bloggers with online retailers. When a user purchases a product or clothing item through the app, the blogger receives a commission (roughly 10%). Instead of seeking out affiliate programs, bloggers have instant access to pre-negotiated business relationships.

Who is using Like To Know It?

Fashion magazine Vogue, top 10 influential bloggers Aimee Song and Wendy Nguyen, reality television stars, like former ‘The Bachelorette’ star Kaitlyn Bristowe, and even Olympic medalists like gold medal-winning gymnast Nastia Liukin use the app to turn their photos into cash. It’s not just for the ultra-famous, though. Many of the bloggers are non-celebrities with much smaller followings.

RewardStyle says that over 75% of ‘Like To Know It’ users are between the ages of 18-34. In other words, the app is popular with Millennials, who are known to be big spenders.

How does a blogger sign up with RewardStyle?

Bloggers have to apply to use ‘Like To Know It.’ RewardStyle’s current network is roughly 16,000 bloggers, out of about 150,000 applicants, so it is a bit exclusive. They won’t say exactly how they choose bloggers. However, blogger Amanda Miller says that, in her experience, they are looking for the best content creators, rather than millions of followers. Quality photographs, currently available on-trend products, easy navigation of your blog, and engagement with followers all help.

The bad news is that the application process can take several months, so be ready to wait if you apply. The good news is that, if you are one of the lucky bloggers selected, RewardStyle offers support and tips to help bloggers build their businesses.

For fashion bloggers, figuring out how to monetize their blog can be difficult and time consuming. RewardStyle and the ‘Like To Know It’ app do a lot of the work for them, rewarding premium content with cash.

By, Breyan O’Brien