Red Bull: Increasing Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Establish over thirty years ago, Red Bull is a global brand available in over 171 countries. To date, over 62 billion cans of Red Bull have been consumed. Just in 2016, a total of 6.062 billion cans were sold, which represents an increase of 1.8% over 2015.

Red Bull Brand

Red Bull is known globally for its innovative marketing strategy, which targets people aged 16 to 45, with one thing in common: LIFESTYLE. Furthermore, the customers are adrenaline lovers and like being outdoors, taking risks and having fun. The company use extreme sports to connect to their customers in thrilling ways.

Red Bull is the leading energy drink brand and its success is based on branded content.

Even though Red Bull energy drink is the main product, on social media the company rarely advertises the drink itself and focusses instead on creating brand awareness. This is established through the numerous sporting activities and events they sponsor.

As a result, the company focusses on creating content like video and photography highlighting the extreme sports and the athletes involved. With this strategy, Red Bull use two main channels to create online content, YouTube and Instagram.

Red Bull sells the idea of energy.

# Using YouTube to Engage

Red Bull YouTube channel has 6,898 uploads, 6,531,864 subscribers and 1,969,955,597 video views; making it one of the biggest channels by audience size.

The videos have a variety of content such as sports, leisure and “The Red Bull signature series” all of which appeal to different audiences. The videos can last from 2 minutes to 35 minutes and can give the audience a glimpse into people’s lives and narrate their dreams.

A great example is Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate video, which is Red Bull’s video with the most views and it tells the story of Danny, remembering his childhood dreams and bringing it to live.

By the same token, in 2012, Red Bull sponsored the Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner, who jumped from near space, out of a capsule 39Km into the Earth; the video owns 42,612,931 views so far. Red Bull created the event and used  social media to showcase and demonstrate their well known slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings’.

BUT, What makes their YouTube channel so engaging? Here I list seven benefits of having a YouTube channel:

  1. Capture Attention
  2. Drive High Traffic Volumes
  3. Viral Marketing
  4. Multiple Video Marketing Channels
  5. Search Engine Rankings
  6. Social Media Marketing Integration
  7. World-Wide Accessibility

# A Successful Instagram

Red Bull’s Instagram account has 7,970,918 Followers, 4,725 Pictures Uploaded and an AVG daily follower of 3,982, which makes it their first strongest social media channel. The account grew from less than 2M followers in 2014 to almost 8M this year.Red Bull Instagram data followers

Photos and videos are constantly posted on Instagram and the content tells the stories behind the photos using compelling captions along with clever hashtags and tagging the relevant places and people who appear in them. This strategy promotes conversation and encourages engagement.

Red Bull Instagram photo


SO, What makes Red Bull Instagram a success?

  1. The Energetic Content
  2. The use of Regram Influencers
  3. The Right Medium to Capture the Moment
  4. Engaging Captions that  that encourage conversation
  5. Selling a Lifestyle



In summary, Red Bull is a success on social media because the company understand it, use it effectively and tell their stories in a way which can raise brand awareness. They target the most appropriate audience to spread their message.