Pizza and Tech: Domino’s Social Media Marketing Success


How does a company nearly double its stock value in the last two years? How does a company open 21% more stores within that same period? And generate nearly a million more followers on social media within a few months? And 500 sign ups in one day?

Domino’s Pizza did, by embracing technology and social media marketing specifically.



‘We are as much a tech company as we are a pizza company,’ states Patrick Doyle, who became Domino’s CEO in 2010 and has since been making real efforts to keep the company relevant, innovative and catering to the next generation, pointing out that half of the 800 employees at Domino’s HQ work in software and analytics. Since Doyle joined the company, there is a clear focus on social media marketing.



In the summer of 2015, Domino’s brought this social media marketing focus to a new high. With the launch of the AnyWare campaign, it provides new ways of ordering, via smart watch, smart TV, and most notably via Twitter: US customers could now order their pizza with one single tweet. After setting up a ‘pizza profile’, ordering became as simple as tweeting the emoji of a pizza slice to @Dominos, and your pizza would be on its way.


Embracing Social Media Marketing

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With this new option, Domino’s truly embraces social media marketing. It does so by making ordering your dinner as easy as a tweet of not even words but a mere image, though there are bigger benefits to this strategy.

Ordering pizza is no longer done via dated corded phones, but via a hip online platform. Ordering pizza has become cool. In fact, ordering Domino’s has become cool.

And where before indulging in the pleasure of pizza delivery was an intimate interaction between the hungry side and Domino’s, it has now moved to the public sphere. It is no longer private, but for the world to see, an e-word-of-mouth. Ordering pizza has become a marketing strategy in itself.



The effectiveness of this social media marketing strategy goes beyond tangible measures like followers and app sign ups. Albeit its real effect unquantifiable, it cannot but have contributed to the growth of the company.

Accepting that the tech industry and social media marketing are intertwined with Domino’s, has been a critical step to success. 

Which company will follow?