The new marketing strategy you must know- influencers marketing

When the famous people posted the wine his favorite recently, it looks like that he is really enjoying. But actually he is advertising!

What is influencers marketing?

What mentioned above is called “influencers marketing”, a famous new way for marketers to reach their customers or potential customers. Influencers marketing is a form of marketing in which marketers change focus to important influencers or key opinion leader (KOL) rather than the whole target market. Important influencers and KOL are professional in some specific fields and they have many loyal followers. What they said and recommended always directly influenced their followers. Sometimes, followers even imitate the influencers’ behaviors without thinking.

Influencers marketing has become more and more important. There is a survey indicated that about 84% of marketers plan to carry out at least one marketing campaign in the next year. As a channel strategy for marketing, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube are the main battlegrounds of social media marketing. However, the traditional way like paying for the click of advertisements or paid Ads always has low ROI rate. In contrast, influencers marketing brings a new surprise to marketers.

Nowadays, influencers are playing diverse roles in marketing strategies.  Marketers execute three most main campaigns: product launch, content promotion and distribution and events/webinar production, because of the positive effects of influencers marketing.

source: Jack Simpson
source: Jack Simpson

So, what are the positive effects?

Firstly, it’s the sentiment behind the influencers and their followers. Followers and fans follow the influencers and KOL because of the resonance and same attitude to things. One of the significant features of that is their fans always have a high viscosity and loyalty. Marketers use this to let their products or services quickly gain the trust from costumers.

Secondly, important influencers and KOL usually have a lot of fans and followers, once they endorse for some products or services, it will target the specific customers fast and broadly. Especially, It is helpful for the new products launch.

Thirdly, it’s native advertising. When people are bored with traditional advertisements, influencers marketing creates a more pleasurable and organic content which places the customers within a deep experimental consumption context. Apparently, it will increase the ROI rate.

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

But, controversy?

In other side, influencers marketing is facing some controversy. In the first place, the speed of price rise is amazing. With the expansion of the influences and increase of the number of followers, the advertisements’ price of important influencers and KOL are getting higher and higher. Moreover, the fake data of influencers and KOL will decrease the ROI rate of Ads severely. For example, many influencers and KOL forge fake statistics and buy fake followers in order to appeal the marketers.

Overall, although there are some controversy and problems, it is no denying that influencers marketing has become more and more famous for marketing strategy. Imagine that when you are watching a YouTuber who is lipsticking patiently and a smile appeared on her face, who knows if she is advertising for it?