Instagram for Restaurants – 5 Tips To Grow Your Account

Want to build your restaurants Instagram account? Here we share five tips to help maximise Instagram for Restaurants.  If you are in the restaurant business then you are in the business of selling food to people who eat with their eyes first. If they like what they see, they will share it.

Instagram is the perfect platform to leverage this audience and drive traffic to your restaurant.

1:Identity Yourself

Don’t make it difficult for a customer to find you.  Front load them with information that makes it easy for them to visit you.  Your Instagram name should mirror your restaurant name.  Your account bio should tell the customer something about you.  Do you serve lunch or dinner?, what are you opening hours?.

Always link your account to your website for further information.  Include a relevant hashtag in the bio to encourage people to use it. The example below for Urchin, a seafood restaurant in Dublin ticks all those boxes.

Instagram For Restaurants - 5 Tips To Grow Your Account

Choose a Theme

Instagram photos tell a story about you. They tell your customer who you are and what you have to offer. Choosing a photo theme helps you stand out and become immediately recogniseable to your audience. In the Instagram for restaurants example below, from popular cocktail bar and restaurant Peruke and Periwig, the dish or drink is always the focus of the photo.  Photos should be clear, appear luxurious and have a sense of uniformity among them.

Instagram For Restaurants - 5 Tips To Grow Your Account

Use High Quality Photographs

Pictures tell a thousands words we are told.  What story is the photo below telling us.  Nothing about the photo says ‘we serve incredible food’.  The opposite in fact.

Filling your Instagram account with sub standard food photos will not entice customers to visit the restaurant.  We eat with our eyes, and in the case of the photo below you can be sure the eyes will be firmly shut.  Take clear photos with the food/drinks front and center. Filters are there for a reason, use them in your Instagram for restaurants strategy.

Instagram For Restaurants - 5 Tips To Grow Your Account


How do you get people to see that perfect pictures you have created?   Use relevant hashtags which can get your photo appearing in Instagram searches.   A good rule of thumb is using up to fifteen hashtags after your posts narrative. e.g. #foodporn #instafood

A clever way to increase this number is to be the first person to comment on the photo using fifteen more hashtags.  This straight away starts the commentary and engagement but also includes your photo in even more possible hashtag searches.

Tag relevant accounts in your photo.  Below, the example shows how the restaurant itself and other influential accounts have been tagged in the photo. This immediately puts the photo on the radar of these accounts who may contribute to the engagement or indeed share the photo. Instagram is a community so be part of it.

Instagram For Restaurants - 5 Tips To Grow Your Account

Use Video and Instagram Stories

Video on Instagram is a key component of telling your story.  Simple thirty second videos can take you on a tour of a restaurant, let you see a barman mix a cocktail or go behind the scenes to see the chefs in the kitchen.

Combining Instagram videos on your feed and making use of Instagram stories can help your content show up in your followers timeline and enhance engagement.  The example below shows a video which was taken by a customer, and the bar in turn used it to promote themselves.  Engagement is key to keep your customers coming back and video is the perfect way to do it.






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