Influencer Marketing & Costumer Journey

Today, brand companies are willing to collaborate with influencers.  87% of marketers prefer to launch at least one influencer campaign every year. Moreover, we can discuss influencer marketing and customer journey in those three areas.

  1. How much time people spend on social media?
  2. Why brand company prefer to work with influencers?
  3. How does social media platform change customer journey?


Average Daily Time Spent On Social

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source: David Cohen

Based on the data, young ages spend nearly 9 hours daily on social media platform. Accordingly, brands are jumping into social media with social media ad and they spend expected to reach $36 billion in 2017.


Brands prefer to work with influencers




Snappy contents launched:Influencers  realize their target audiences. They  launch snappy and interesting marketing contents to attract more reviewers. Those contents can enhance sales and help marketers achieve their expectation.



Building Brand Awareness:According to the huge volume of social media active users, EWOM is the way to build up brand image and awareness. The strength of influencers is multicultural. They remember to exploit their strengths.




Trusted voices:According to Google study, it shows 70% of teens prefer to trust YouTuber rather traditional celebrities. In brief, influencer marketing is more effective than traditional marketing strategy.



Loyalty:Due to the diversity of choices, it is hard to maintain the  loyalty relationship with consumers. However,influencer is the tie connected to their target audiences. Sometimes customers would like to purchase in terms of watching their favorite influencers’ videos.