Indian automaker goes digital

Mahindra, being one of India’s oldest automaker has always been biased towards a more traditional approach of manufacturing and marketing. Mahindra forcefully changed its traditional approach in 2015 because of the advent of International and domestic car makers. In a series of surprising announcements, Mahindra joined hands with India’s biggest ecommerce – portal, Flipkart. Upon gaining insight into the digital arena, they opened their own ecommerce portal called M2all. Mahindra employes a total of 35,000 people. They want to offer more jobs in the payment integration, online catalogue management, digital marketing, data analytics and Search engine optimization. Other major automaker companies have followed suit and have started investing in digital marketing. Older Mahindra models do not feature in the digital campaigns. This particular move is rather debatable.

To name an example, Indian youth is the ideal target market for KUV100. Senior Vice President of the company quoted that

“The new KUV100 and Flipkart complement each other, as both the brands are young and with the ever growing number of the internet users in India, this was a right decision for Mahindra & Mahindra”.

This might not be completely true with the skills sets though as Indian youngsters are fairly new to digital marketing. To add to that, mechanical engineers with a digital background are almost rare. This situation has given rise to North American and European expats in the Indian automotive space. These foreigners are technically sound and they are also very well versed in the digital marketing arena. Indian colleges look this as an opportunity and a barrage of Digital Marketing courses have hit the scene in the last 24 months.

Digital Marketing Graduate Program

Mahindra and Mahindra’s new graduate program offers job rotation with partner ecommerce firms with an overview of digital marketing. This includes website planning, website promotion, email, social media marketing and paid search. Digital Marketing industry is worth more than $60 billion. It is exciting to see its ever growing presence in the auto manufacturing industry.