How to increase your conversion rate?

Looking to sky-rocket your conversion rate? Do you want a short answer!? Ask you customer!

Display feedback surveys with relevant questions on your website and take your visitor on a journey of your choosing to make sure you’re showing the right page to the right people.

First of all, let’s be aligned on the concept, before more details.


What is a conversion rate!?

Nielsen Norman Group defines conversion rate as “the percentage of users who take a desired action. The most common example of conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who buy something on the site”. Great! Customers buying our products is exactly what we want!

Conversion rate is a key component in any online strategy; at the end of the day, if visitors are not turning into buyers at a relevant rate, why spending money in advertising? Therefore, Optimise the conversion rate allows online website owners to leverage their spending by convincing the maximum percentage of their prospects to take action.

But how to increase your conversion rate?

That’s a tough question, specially in a fast-paced changing world where users are increasingly exposed to different sort of online options. On trying to answer that question, marketing professionals must invest their time (and yes, part of our tight marketing budget) not only on advertising but also on understanding the prospect customers’ reactions to what is advertised.

Omniconvert is a conversion rate optimisation software that can be used for traffic segmentation,  feedback surveys, A/B testing and test messaging placed on your website to understand your visitors and buyers.

According to Ominiconvert, the most popular features are the surveys:

  • Net promoter score survey: The Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey shows you how likely your visitors and customers are to recommend your website to their friends.
  • Lead capture survey: Pair with branching-logic questions for qualified leads collection.
  • Cart abandonment survey: To solve questions/problems of your website, it’s important to go to the roots. This type of survey helps you find out why your visitors abandon their cart.
  • Buyer persona survey: Group participants into buyer personas with branching logic questions for a clearer picture of your customers.

After deciding on which type of survey, it is time to define the right moment to approach your visitor. Then, the feedback surveys get triggered by 4 types of customer interactions (see image below).

4 types of triggers to release surveys to increase conversion rates

4 types of triggers to release website customer surveys


Conversion rate optimisation software: Omniconvert – Avon Case Study

Nothing better than a case study to understand how the website customer surveys can optimise your conversion rate.

Avon, the very recognised cosmetics company, started as a personalised, multi-level marketing enterprise and nowadays faces the challenge of delivering the same kind of service in a digital world.

Based on an depth analysis, Avon and Omniconvert decided to target the performance of the makeup products category. As a first step, Avon integrated a widget on load (remember the 4 types of survey triggers?) that was placed in the bottom right of the screen.

Users that engaged and clicked the widget, needed to respond to a question about their eye colour (see image below). The purpose was to re-direct them to eye colour customised landing pages that contained a selection of products.

Ominiconvert Case Study how to increase conversion rate

Avon and Omniconvert Case Study: Survey on Eyes Colour

The customer journey continued with other steps that mixed surveys and personalisation, leading to a boost of 96% on the conversion rate of the makeup category page.

So, coming back to our initial question: how to increase the conversion rate? Why don’t we start by asking and engaging who really matters? Our Customers!