How Guinness to reign the African beer market?

How Guinness to reign the African beer market?

The case study of Guinness “Made of More

Guinness Made of More


As a global brand with over 250 years’ history, Guinness has set its footprint in more than 150 countries in the world. However, Guinness was facing a series of challenge in operating this such well-known brand back in 2011. By the review of the case study of Guinness “Made of More” in 2012. There were 4 complex challenges that Guinness was trying to overcome.

  1. Marketing the vast amount of audiences in the different market.
  2. Selling different format of products in varied countries.
  3. How to support its 5 positioning strategies worldwide.
  4. To over come the unique challenge from each market.

Since they have defined their challenges in the global market, Guinness built up a global platform, the “Made of More”. It is a decision to allow the Guinness marketing activities to be more efficient and effective. And also to give them more chances to enhance the economic of scales and deliver a better quality of message to the audiences. From the case study, Guinness values the most about people who have the confidence to carve his/her own path. So the strategy of “Made of More” is to create some marketing activities. By using different ad campaigns to communicate with the audiences base on their geography. It is also beneficial for Guinness to deliver their unique brand image to the globe.


“Made of Black”

Particularly, Africa has already become one of the top consumer market for Guinness. It has a strong purchasing power. According to Thompson (2014), Nigerians even treat the Guinness as a national beer brand. In order to maintain the leading position in Africa, Guinness optimised The “Made of More” to the “Made of Black”.  The aim of “Made of Black” is to tap more into their African market. They created the TV ads and the story telling video “Sapeurs”. This awarded documentary “Sapeur” is describing the daily life of a group of elegant Africans. It has inspired people to believe in themselves and encourage them to create their future. At the end, it brought a remarkable positive result in the digital volume of Guinness.


“Guinness Africa Special”

However, due to the hit by the aggressive local cheaper beer company, Guinness has suffered a drop- down in the sales from its African market (Evans, 2014).  They came up with a new strategy which is more exact by targeting a new generation of consumers. Additionally, according to Gwynn (2016), there is a huge potential for Guinness by the growth of economic and the population in Africa.

Furthermore, in order to stand out from the intense competition in African beer market, Guinness launched a brand new product- the “Guinness Africa Special”. At the same time, ad campaigns have been set up to target the group of modern Africans. They believe the young generations are more likely to carve their own paths and develop their identities. Thus the “Guinness Africa Special” presents as a carbonated beer with a unique flavour, which is very popular in the young generation.



Not only producing a new beer, Guinness is also supporting some youth creativity events such as the Graffiti Exhibition in Nigeria. It is another means that to present their brand value to encourage young people to find their potentials and the pathway to the future.


Graffiti Exhibition Guinness Africa


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