How to digitalize your creative marketing approval process with Wrike

Stressed workerEvery marketer should be familiar with the following questions concerning their approval process…

Who checked this?

Did you approve this?

Can we finally post it?

Yes, these are typical questions everyone in your team might have asked, or is wondering about and finding an answer to it costs a lot of time and nerves.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like this!

Creating a digital Proofing & Approval process for your images and videos in Wrike* will give you all the transparency and visibility you need. And furthermore, you’ll finish your marketing projects in time!

If you are not a Wrike user yet, start your free trial now, and this blog post shows you how easy it is to make your process more efficient and transparent. Afterwards, you will be ready to set-up your own creative Proofing & Approval process in Wrike.

Four Steps to Perfect Your Creative Approval Process

 1. Add an image/video to your Wrike task

Before you get started with your actual work, upload an image or video from your local storage to your Wrike task. You can easily do this by clicking on the attachment icons – marked with the green boxes.

 Add an image or video to your Wrike task

After you successfully uploaded the attachment it shows up inside the task (here Approved.png).

2. Select reviewer and approver

Well done, but who proves and approves the uploaded content?

Easy: Hover over the uploaded image and a blue box appears “ADD TO REVIEW”. Now you can select the reviewer and a notification will be sent to this person.

Select reviewers and approvers for your creative approval process

You can add one or multiple reviewers by clicking on the “blue +“. Every comment or change is saved within the task and clear to follow which gives visibility to everyone.

3. Make or suggest changes

After you’ve selected the relevant reviewers, the actual proofing process starts. The reviewers open the attachment and can submit comments and suggest changes directly in the image or video. This way, you avoid confusion about what and how needs to change.

Make suggestion or changes to your uploaded content

So click one of the Proofing icons (e.g. comment, arrow, box, or pen icon) to mark the part which needs to be changed. The comment bar on the right side allows you to add a note to specify your supposed change.

Finished? Now you can choose between two options: Either “Changes required” or “Approved”. Select the first option when further changes need to be made, second if you’re happy with it and you’re ready to pass it on!

4. Approve image/video and finish process

If all reviewers have approved (see green box below), the image or video is ready for its next step.

Screenshot 8 Send to customer green boxLast but not least, use the @mentioning feature to let your colleague in Wrike know that it is approved and ready to go. This way, the file can be further processed and you’re free to work on the next creative marketing content.

Finally, no more sending emails back and forth, scheduling last-minute meetings and wondering about the approval process.

Sounds good, right?

Try it now yourself and start your free trial with our “Wrike for Marketers” subscription.

*Feature only available in Wrike for Marketers or can be purchased separately.