How a digital app combines running and transportation?

Now Uber and Nike gives you zero excuses not to go out for a run!

Nike welcomes Uber as a key partner in an innovative pacer on-demand project. This project has begun in some states in the USA and the service is available before the most popular marathons such as in Boston, New York, Washington DC.

Do you want the last training with your personal pacer and some tips before the race?

Now you can rely on Nike + Run Club and on-demand car-service Uber. Between certain hours and a day before the race, the only thing that you have to do is to open your Uber app. Instead of finding a ride you can request a guided work out from Nike+ Run Club pacers.

How you can find the pacer

The process is easy, when you are in the app, select “promotions” from the menu, enter the code of the marathon which you attend and look for the Nike icon.Best of all it is free!


Two pacers then will come directly to your door to begin the personalized training session. At first, you will do together some dynamic stretching to avoid the injuries before the race. Then they will guide you to a two or three miles training. This session will begin and end at your location. The pacer’s job is to give you some gear but at a specific clip. For that reason ,the workout is specially tailored to your needs and limits.


Requesting a Nike+ Run Club racer is like requesting a car through digital technology. But instead of a car, two Nike pacers offers you a unique training experience with your own bib number and the chance to call a friend also to join.

                                                                                  And it gets better!
Each successful requester gets a free pair of Nike Run shoes and a free Uber trip to pick them up at each city’s biggest Nike store. This is actually the best way to explore the city by completing your last workout.

Nike is a leader in its field when it comes to service or product innovation. The brand enters the digital world with the Nike+ Plus Running App where you can track your training and share your achievements in all social media. The company succeeds in putting running and general sports lifestyle into our digital world by making it an established way of living. You have also the opportunity through the App to create challenges with other runners and gain digital medals for your achievements.
The collaboration with Uber explains how an on-demand car service can be relevant to running lifestyle. This service covers the runners’ need of an experienced pacer who can be fast and near his place. The transportation and the physical training are now combined in an App!

-Eleni Zacharogianni


Eleni started as a Sales Promoter in Phillip Morris International and MSPS. Few years after she promoted as a Sales Manager in Weider Nutrition International-USN-Olimp. She is currently studying MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy in Trinity College Dublin.