Data Analytics for Rookies

Data Analytics For New Kids on the Block

DATA. We see the word everywhere. Startup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs often wish to remain oblivious to the idea that data analyses is necessary for optimum business success, particularly for the those who are not as tech savvy as the so called ‘IT nerds’.

Have you found yourself thinking

wouldn’t it be great if I could rely on my unique idea to build the perfect business; an establishment that attracts enthusiastic customers, the most innovative advertisements, and create customer memorable moments?

Well, I hate to break it to you but good ideas alone won’t achieve this.

The aspiring entrepreneur may associate the term data analyses with understanding complex technical information that can only be carried out by  SEO experts or data scientists; those who appear to be able to predict the future and build international business success overnight because of their unique brain power, but this is not necessarily the case!

No expertise needed!

nerd-2So, what’s all this hype? Data is simply a collection of facts, such as numbers, words, measurements, observations and descriptions of things. You can simply use online tools to see how your company is doing. You can even interpret your competitor’s strategy by utilizing the correct tools. So, its not intellect that makes a business work, it’s looking at information that is already available to you. It’s time to get your dream business on the move instead of day dreaming out the window, and start your data analytical journey.

 Tools to get started

Lets start with three online tools which allow you to collate and view online data, so you can discover strategies to build a better (1)

Google Analytics. Use this tool to track and report website traffic through visualizing comprehensive data. You can track your landing page quality and advertising campaign effectiveness. You can measure your sale goals, lead generation and identify poor performing pages on your website. Click here to get started with your google analytical journey, where you will be guided through the set-up process.


Moz is the most comprehensive keyword research tool. The right keywords can make or break your website. You can learn what terms and phrases to target. Click here to learn about keyword analytics. Once you have the basics under your belt, click here to start adding keywords.

download (3)

Survey Monkey. Learn more about your customer needs. You can request direct feedback on your brand which is another source of real time data that you can analyse. From the responses you can build reports and professional graphs. Click here to sign up.

Why bother?

Having a foundation of knowledge on data analyses can improve your business compared to choosing a business strategy that’s based on only an idea or an opinion. International companies such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are successful because they are data driven. They use real facts to establish what marketing strategy works for them. Through this methodology they can alleviate potential pain points in the customer journey, improve their current services, increase the acquisition and retention rate, which result in a higher return of investment rate. They understand the importance of staying relevant, and so, use all the information available to them. If they can do it, Why not You?