5 benefits from Samsung’s phone battery fires

In modern day technology battery life is a key factor. In the lead up to the release of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung were having a very good 2016. Sales of the S6 and S7 phones were very strong. The exploding battery disaster that came with the Note 7 was one of Samsung’s major low points. To make matters worse some of the replacement phones Samsung provided were also bursting into flames.



1. Forced recall

Like any major scandal the way a company reacts is key. Samsung realised they had a major issue regarding their burning Note 7s. Samsung issued two formal recalls and then forced software updates on the phones. Which therefore turned them into a Nokia 3220.


2.Detailed investigation into the battery scandal

Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh led an investigation into why the Note 7s battery burnt like a firelighter. Samsung knew it was key that they proved they knew the cause of the issue and explained it to the public. DJ Koh’s speech signalled a conclusion of Samsung’s brief period in turmoil and allowed them to look to the future.



3.Battery research

Due to the batteries being the root of the problem Samsung invested heavily in their battery research. Samsung have already invested $128 million into making safer batteries. This is a rather large sum of money for Samsung to invest in mobile phone batteries no matter how big their company is. With battery life key to the lifestyle of young people this battery research it is likely that future Samsung batteries will benefit from these gains. This will be music to the ears of young people and their social media accounts.

4. Strong brand loyalty amongst customers

Samsung s8One surprising thing about the whole scandal was that even though there were Samsung phones burning everywhere brand loyalty remained strong. A Reuters survey showed 91% of current Samsung users would likely purchase another Samsung. Samsung also state that in the majority of cases Samsung users traded the Note 7 for another Samsung product. One surprising thing about the whole scandal was that even though there were Samsung phones burning everywhere brand loyalty remained strong.

 5. Technological innovations

Samsung certainly continue to be market leaders in terms of technological development. Many Samsung fans find it funny that Apple are only introducing curved phone displays today in contrast to their release of this in 2014. Samsung are now also market leaders in terms of screen quality and processing power within a smart phone.