3 Lessons to learn from Burberry’s powerful social media marketing approaches in Chinese market

Burberry is renown for their digital marketing campaigns and Social Media Marketing strategy. While many Western brands failed their Chinese market expansion, Burberry achieved the No. 1 selling results over other luxury brands within only seven years.  So let’s have a look how Burberry nailed the Chinese Market.

Social Media Marketing in China: Burberry WeChat Account: London in Shanghai Campaign


Lesson 1: Embrace the Chinese Festival and greeting culture 

Different from Western luxury consumers, Chinese luxury consumers are much more keen in personalisation to present their social status. 


Burberry launched its festive campaign and bespoke service in Lunar New Year and Golden Week. The campaign  initiate Chinese popular social media platform WeChat with 1 billion active users. The audience can “unwrap the brand’s products via tapping, swiping and shaking”. Furthermore, they can also customise and send Burberry digital Lunar New Year envelope to their friends. Through sharing, users  have an opportunity to win  physical Burberry Lunar New Year envelope. In result, it has been recognised as the highest level of content engagement on the social media platform in China. Thus, brands can combine personalised digital service and luxury brand image to make their customers feel exclusiveness.


Lesson 2: Chinese Customers like good content of storytelling on social media

Similar to all the other market, audience like following storytelling content. Learning from Burberry, good content of storytelling strategy can enhance the customer’s loyalty to the brand and emphasises the roots of the brand image.

During the ‘Art of the Trench’ event, WeChat followers can unlock a series of London and Shanghai skyscrapers by shaking, swiping or tapping their devices. Beside that, WeChat users who missed the live event can still view the highlights of the event with 360° Virtual Tours. Followers can access to related images, videos and content  on social media platform immediately. In a way, it attracted most potential consumers to follow the brand and even influence them to purchase later on.

Burberry Social Media Marketing in China

Lesson 3: Chinese customers like to get closer to the brand and brand ambassador consistently

 In stead of using a global ambassador from western world, brands can consider using selected Chinese influencers who represent their brand image.  

Burberry  carefully selected Chinese influencers to drive a closer connection with Chinese consumers and gain their preference. For example, in 2016Burberry uses YiFan Wu and Angela Baby as their brand ambassadors in Chinese market. Consequently,  it shows that related content receiving most interaction in its social media channel. One of the posts interviewing YiFan Wu in Burberry Fashion show in London has achieved over 130,000 likes and over 50,000 comments on its Weibo channel. This strategy places the brand into a more comfortable zone, where Chinese people can feel the brand is not just a luxury brand from Britain.

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