3 Apps to find a party tonight and how to use them for digital marketing

Interested in Digital Marketing? Are you in your 20s or 30s? You like to go out?

Great! Than this is a blogpost, you will love.

How to decide where to go out on a Friday night?

Friday night. You are together with your colleagues and friends. The Problem: Nobody knows where the best local parties are and where to go out. As you don’t want to be a boring stay at home guy, what are your choices?

Thankfully, a new kind kind of geolocation based apps offer a great solution to that problem. One of them is the Viennese / Berlin based app called BLOOM, which provides a real-time party map and shows how much is going on right now.

3 Apps to find a party tonight and how to use them for digital marketing
Searching for fun like these guys? Photo by Anthony DELANOIX

Three Apps to find the best local parties

These three different party apps are great for students and young professionals and also offer great opportunities for digital marketing activities.


BLOOM helps a great number of people promote, share and curate their events on an interactive map and find the best party in town.

3 Apps to find a party tonight and how to use them for digital marketing
BLOOM´s party map shows what is happening right now.

How BLOOM works:

Everybody can create a so-called Bloom (event) on the map and immediately reach all users nearby. Whether it is your own party, an art performance or something else worth spreading. Bloom also crawls the web for relevant events happening right now. The cool thing: Different sized Blooms on the map, show you how much is going on in real time.

Digital Marketing opportunities:

Furthermore, BLOOM offers exclusive opportunities for agencies in their app. You can choose between creating an own event, which will be promoted on the start screen, book a banner for an existing event or book a package combined with an own event. All options are on a one-per-day basis so that users are not overloaded with ads.



Eventbrite – the “big boy”

Another app is the “big boy” in the geolocation based event applications. Since Eventbrite has a huge web presence, the app also offers a great number of services like browsing through the best events, seeing where your friends are going and especially relevant: saving your entry ticket for concerts.

3 Apps to find a party tonight and how to use them for digital marketing
Eventbrite´s ticket integration.

How Eventbrite works:

Based on your current location, Eventbrite shows you the most interesting events in your area. Finally, it allows you to buy tickets if necessary and safe them in Apple´s Passport.

Digital Marketing opportunities:

Eventbrite has a perfect entry point for digital marketing activities like location-based offers for people who are visiting specific places. Additionally, this is even more interesting when you combine it with predictive analytics to forecast user’s location and behavior.

VAMOS – “the social event guide”

In addition to the first two, this is the social event calendar for everybody who also loves to travel! VAMOS collects data from events, which your friends are attending and shows them in a clean and visually appealing way.

3 Apps to find a party tonight and how to use them for digital marketing
Vamos integrates Instagram photos from events.

How VAMOS works:

First of all, VAMOS does not only show Facebook events but also events from Eventbrite or Ticketmaster. In addition, their coolest feature is the integration of Instagram photos from the events.

Digital Marketing opportunities:

While other companies are already doing it, VAMOS can use discounts for special events to attract more people to use the app. Finally, they can work with digital influencers and activate them, when attending special events.


What do you see as digital marketing opportunities for event and party Apps?

In conclusion, these are all 3 great apps for finding the best party in town. Eventbrite is focused on concerts and ticketing, VAMOS on social integration and BLOOM on parties, happening right now.

Maybe there is more, which opportunities do you see in them for the good of users and marketers as well?

You can get the three Apps by clicking on the pictures!


Digital Marketing Strategy student at Trinity College Dublin, worked in telecommunications as project manager for 3 years in Vienna, interested in urban nightlife, doing board sports in my free time, trying to make Dublin a better place to go out!